Awning FAQs

What colors & types of awnings are available?

We can custom manufacture all types of awnings. The most common types are fabric Sunbrella and metal fabricated awnings. All colors are available in both fabric and metal fabricated awnings.

Are your awnings custom made?

Yes!  All of our awnings are made custom to work for your specific location. We take into consideration all of the existing elements at your site before we design or manufacture your awning. We use aluminum framing built with extra bracing to support unexpected snow loads.

How are awnings installed?

Our custom made awnings are connected to your building with supports that are designed to support the awning plus any additional loads from unexpected weather. All of our installations are done according to local building and state building department standards.

What is the process of purchasing an awning?

Sign Graphics & Design will meet with you at your location to talk with you about the options and survey your specific site. We will develop a design proposal that illustrates our ideas, and provides complete specifications about the product, as well as the process. This information will specify our plans to embellish your structure.