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Custom Fabricated Awnings

An awning can add to your business’s appeal. First, it can add to the outside appearance of your business, giving your building a welcoming feel.  Secondly, an awning can be a great transition from the weather outside to the inside of your business.  Adding a graphic, such as a logo or text, onto your awning is an added branding bonus that your customers will notice.  Adding an awning can complete “the look” that your business needs to succeed.

The most important element of a good awning is a quality design. Sign Graphics & Design offers a complete design service for awnings. We will come to your location to measure, as well as to survey. We’ll develop a complete proposal for you to review. An awning must have well-built structure, be well thought out, and most importantly,  serve the function that you need it to. By coming to your location and understanding your needs, we can design an awning that will work for you.

Our custom fabricated awnings are manufactured in all styles, shapes, and sizes to meet the specific needs of our customers.  Our awning fabrics are available in all colors and materials.  We do back-lit, opaque and canvas awnings.  Our frames are lightweight, using aluminum extrusion. All of our frames are welded to ensure quality.  All of our mounting hardware is non-corrosive, meaning your building will not be damaged. We design, fabricate and install all of our awnings. We have the capabilities to install any type of awning including larger patio awnings for outdoor dining.

We do both commercial and residential awnings.  For example, if the evening sun is too bright in your window, consider adding an awning to reduce the glare and make your home more comfortable.  An awning can add to the property value of any home. We can meet with you to discuss the options, develop a design, and provide a complete proposal for any residential awning project. Out of all the work that we do, our residential awning customers are the most satisfied once the project is complete. We are reminded years later how satisfied and happy they are with their awnings.