Converting Existing Signs to LED

Converting Existing Signs to LED

Converting Channel Letters to LED     |     Converting Sign Cabinets to LED


If your sign still looks good but is becoming a maintenance issue or heavy energy consumer, then converting to LED may be an option.  LED lighting is brighter, contains less electrical components, consumes less energy, and is much greener all around.  The energy savings over the life of the sign will pay for the expense involved, and more!

Sign Graphics & Design can convert all sign types to LED including Illuminated Channel Letters and Existing Sign Cabinets.  LED units are available to replace fluorescent bulbs, and actually fit into the existing fluorescent sockets! The material and labor required to convert existing signs to LED have become more affordable.

Contact Sign Graphics & Design for a consultation estimate for converting your signage to LED.  If your box sign or channel letters are in the greater Cincinnati area and need to be brighter, then you should consider converting.  The benefits to converting to LED are amazing. Converting will freshen your image and make your sign brighter and more noticeable.  Your patrons will notice a difference.