Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Sign Types


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Illuminated signs are the backbone of many retail businesses.  An illuminated sign will help your customers find their way to your business.  We design and fabricate all types of illuminated signs, including channel letters, sign cabinets, box signs, pylon signs, monument signs, illuminated wall signs, and illuminated building signs.  We provide all types of illumination including neon, fluorescent, and LED. As technology improves, the illuminated signs that we manufacture become more energy efficient. Energy efficiency does not compromise the brightness or intensity of our illuminated signs.

We can propose a complete design based on the specific needs of your location. We will provide a detailed proposal that will fully explain our plan, your design, and how everything will work together to create a quality creative display.  We will research the limits and restrictions of your site, and the local jurisdiction governing signs. Our proposal and design will conform with identified zoning restrictions. Our goal is provide a great working design that conforms to the environment that it was intended to suit.

Our fabricated illuminated signs are manufactured with the best quality products available. All of our signs are UL listed. All of the components used are UL approved, and have passed the standards of the UL Laboratories.  We draw from our experience and continue to improve our products. We intend to manufacture our signs to be as maintenance-free as possible. We can service all of the signs we manufacture. Servicing signs, however, is not Sign Graphic & Design’s primary purpose. We intend to build you a sign that will not require much maintenance or service.

Sign Graphics & Design will work with you to meet your budget.  An illuminated sign is an important business decision.  We’ll design your sign around your budget, so you get what you need at a price you can afford.  We also have leasing options available so that your working capital is free to back your day to day operations of your business. We will use our experience and expertise to make sure that you get an illuminated sign that works for your business in both design, as well as cost.