Illuminated Channel Letters




Illuminated Channel Letters

Custom Designed     |     Custom Fabricated     |     LED Illuminated

Sign Graphics & Design is highly experienced in design, fabrication, and installation of all types of LED illuminated channel letters. Technology in LED illumination has changed and developed recently into a truly affordable option to illuminate channel letters. Sign Graphics & Design has committed our resources to knowledge within the industry and providing the very brightest, most efficient LED’s available.

We’ve always used our over 27 years of experience to assure your sign will be fabricated using proven methods, so that maintenance, longevity, and quality will allow your sign to stand the test of time. Our goal has always been to make a sign that requires very low maintenance. Our fabrication methods are UL Listed and approved.

Sign Graphics & Design has adopted fabrication and illumination methods that make a brighter channel letter. Through experience, we have developed better methods of providing brighter graphics and more intense illumination with LED illuminated channel letters. We have the ability to fabricate both flush-mounted letters and a raceway mounted channel letter set. Your sign will be fabricated to meet the custom challenges at your specific site.

Our LED channel letters use less than one 1/4 of the energy of the traditional neon illumination in older style channel letter set. Our LEDs are wired with less voltage and amperage than any neon application. LED lighting consumes less energy and is a greener and safer economical option. Our LED Lighting system starts with a 12-volt low energy power supply.  The LEDs we use for sign lighting are now brighter and illuminate more effectively than a typical neon type illumination, in intensity, spectrum color, and in foot candle brightness. LED lighting is not affected by cold weather like neon-argon lighting- LEDs stay bright even in extremely cold temperatures.  LED Color specifications stay true to their assigned color.

We have the ability to apply digital graphics. Our digital graphics don’t “fade to white” or “white-out” from a backlit illumination. You can place our graphics side by side to any competitor, you will see our graphics have detail and sharp saturated color, not a whitewashed, failed attempt that look good in the day but not at night. Manufacturing vivid illuminated graphics didn’t happen by accident, we’ve been working for years to make your image look good.